Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Surrogacy in Israel

" Heartwarming thanks by Israeli Couple to Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants in New Delhi, India for having 2 beautiful and healthy babies through Surrogacy Process. "


Wyzax Team

Your generosity, kindness and warm hospitality are delighting us, and make our stay more pleasant.

You and Wyzax team are wonderful!!

From the very beginning Wyzax took care of all the surrogacy process. We received information regarding the health of the babies and the surrogate mother on time and in a simple and clear way. You guys are guiding us in every step of way, helping us in a new and difficult process and in foreign country.

We are very happy of getting the surrogacy with your company, Wyzax, and nobody else. And we think that your knowledge and experience made the all process come true

We're having, now, 2 beautiful and healthy babies (joined to them older brother) and we are very much happy and thankful for that.

We want to see you making a lot of surrogacy in Israel, and we looking forward to promote your company in Israel.

Thank you again!!!

Ori, Michal, Oren, And the 2 babies: Nitzan and Omer ( Israel )