Sunday, 19 February 2012

Surrogate Mother in India: A Sneak Peek

A surrogate mother in India is a woman who carries a fetus to give it to somebody else, more often to a couple with fertility problems. Once the child is born, the couple who have hired the surrogate mother become the parents.

Market Press Release – January 4, 2012; 9:20 am  
A surrogate mother in India is a woman who carries a fetus to give it to somebody else, more often to a couple with fertility problems. Once the child is born, the couple who have hired the surrogate mother become the parents.

There are two types of surrogacy, namely the Traditional surrogacy and Modern surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy is where artificial insemination plays a vital role. It is actually used to impregnate the surrogate mother. This occurs in situations such as when a woman is not capable to give birth to a child due to some physical problems, but still wants to have a child with her husband. The husband’s sperm is collected and used to make the surrogate mother pregnant with it. If the husband also has some infertility issues, the sperm is collected from a third person and used. This surrogacy type has been in the trend from very olden times, but still was not discussed till the 21st century.

In the Modern surrogacy, both the male and female donate their eggs and sperm which is then fertilized in a test tube and set into the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother only carries the child on behalf of the other woman who has bad health conditions. This surrogacy has been commercialized nowadays in India. The surrogate mother in India does this to earn quick money for her family’s wellbeing.

Surrogacy has become a boost to the medical tourism department in India where by foreigners come here to have babies at very low and economical costs. It is said that American couples who have fertility issues and lack of time to give birth to a child on their own, are willing to come to India to have babies through the surrogate mother in India, since they do this job at a very low price when compared to a surrogate mother in their own country.

Certain factors that are to be handled carefully are as follows: 

No one knows about the Indian surrogate mother fully, i.e. whether she is used to drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption. There is some agency which intermediates
between the surrogate mother in India and the couple who wants a child. The Indian Council of Medical Research says that commercial surrogacy in India will grow to 6 billion U.S. dollar per year in the future. Surrogacy in not considered to be an offense in India. However, there are various lacunas in the legal framework. But still, despite all these legal problems, surrogacy is growing day by day and surrogate mothers are wishing to give birth to a child that is going to be brought up by someone else.
Agencies like Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants are playing a major role in optimizing & organizing the surrogacy sector in India. They are creating a strong lobby to convert the ART recommendations into laws & thereby making the entire Medical Tourism industry transparent. Such laws will greatly contribute towards preventing exploitation & ensuring justice to all parties concerned.

There are more number of clinics emerging in Delhi, Mumbai and at most parts of the country to help a couple get a surrogate mother in India and a child through her.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Surrogacy Raises Some Hard Moral Questions

“The psycho-social ramifications of surrogacy have yet to be explored”   Says Winsome Thomas.

  4/02/2012 by Winsome Thomas

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban recently employed a ‘gestational carrier’ so that they could have a child. Psychologist Winsome Thomas explores the ethics of surrogacy.

Surrogacy seems to be receiving greater attention as more couples can choose this means of becoming parents. The procedure may be chosen when the biological mother is too old to carry a child or cannot conceive on her own (for example, due to a hysterectomy) or, as in the case of Elton John and his partner David Furnish, a female is required to produce a child for them.

"Some emotively call the process “rent a womb” but that is also the precise nature of the contract established between the surrogate mother and those who will raise the child."

Surrogacy, however, is not an easy route to take. All surrogacy in Australia must be altruistic or non-commercial. The alternative is to purchase a surrogate, usually in the United States of America or India. The cost is likely to be anywhere between $20,000 and $90,000. For some in our society, however, the idea of surrogacy shakes the accepted and long-held understanding of conception, birth and parenthood, even in a society where IVF is commonly undertaken and gay couples now raise children.
Gestational surrogacy is the medical term used when the surrogate mother has no genetic link to the child she is carrying, thereby becoming the gestational carrier. The term “birth mother” is still mostly reserved for the biological mother of a child who is then adopted. Traditionally surrogacy was the term used when the female carrying the child was also the biological mother. The term “gestational carrier”, however, is seen by some as implying detachment and the notion that the surrogate is somehow stripped of her humanity and becomes the equivalent of an incubator.
Of course that is exactly what the surrogate mother agrees to do, notwithstanding her intimate connection with the child over nine months. Some emotively call the process “rent a womb” but that is also the precise nature of the contract established between the surrogate mother and those who will raise the child. Put bluntly, it is a commercial transaction ostensibly carried out for the benefit of both parties. One might pause, however, and consider some of the ethical and moral questions raised in this contractual undertaking.
In the past surrogate mothers have been portrayed as women who have chosen to use their bodies in this manner in order to provide financial support for their own families. Others state that they blossom during pregnancy and delight in bringing joy to another family, notwithstanding the fact that they are paid for the part that they play. One wonders how they explain the pregnancy to their own children, what the effect is upon their spouse and children during the pregnancy and after yielding the child to another couple. Does the family become attached? Does it mean that women in India where the practice is growing and where it is much cheaper than in the USA could be exploited due to poverty? If so, how can the vulnerable be protected whilst allowing women to do with their bodies whatever they please? Is the reduction of a woman’s uterus to that of a commodity for which one receives payment akin to that of prostitution where payment is received for sexual services provided? And if prostitution is legal, why not commercial surrogacy? Are the future parents buying a baby or buying a gestational carrier? Is surrogacy providing the gift of life or demeaning women and co modifying children?
The research is very limited but reveals that surrogate mothers are carefully screened and manage to cognitively distance themselves from the baby throughout the pregnancy, making the child’s release much easier. What happens, however, if she is unsuccessful in distancing herself from the child? What if the baby is deformed or disabled? Who chooses to terminate a pregnancy? What if the surrogate mother decides not to hand over the child? These are but a few of the very difficult questions to be answered. To my knowledge no longitudinal research has been carried out on the effect(s) of being born to a surrogate mother has on the child in question. One may hypothesise that the results may be similar to those of adopted children but we have yet to be presented with good, sound evidence.
As yet we do not know what percentage of society accepts the notion of surrogacy, nor does there appear to be any longitudinal research on the number of satisfactory/happy versus unsatisfactory/unhappy outcomes for the child’s parents and surrogate mother alike. Anecdotal evidence suggests that both exist. The full extent of the psycho-social ramifications has yet to be explored. Given the public’s mixed response to the arrival of celebrities’ children born through surrogacy it is clear that much more work needs to be carried out in this area, one that is an ethical and emotional minefield.

Thus the landscape of issues linked with surrogacy range from legal to ethical & social. Although the socio-ethical aspects will undergo a transformation in understanding, interpretation & execution, it should be ensured that the legalities laid down by the laws of the land are strictly followed. There various healthcare agencies like “Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants (WSC)” that give due importance to socio-ethical issues besides legal issues very seriously. Such agencies are required to take care of the interest of both the parents & the surrogates & help in bridging gaps & overcoming the lacuna in this sector. Such agencies which take their social responsibilities very seriously and play a significant role in optimising the surrogacy sector in India & across the world.  

Winsome Thomas is a registered psychologist in private practice. She is a member of the Social Responsibilities Committee for the Diocese of Melbourne and worships at St John’s Camberwell

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Surrogacy process in India – Surrogacy Agency India – Egg Donors

By WyzaxSurrogacy Consultants on Wednesday, January 18th , 2012 at 9:00 am.

Couples and singles, who are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of parenthood deserve that opportunity. Raising a child is one of the special joys of life. Unfortunately, nearly one out of five couples is denied this experience because of problems beyond the control of the medical profession.
“Pregnancy is very easy for most of the people but can you just imagine not being able to have a child. When we read stories about infertile couples and our heart goes out to them and when you know there is a way out ,know about surrogacy, intended parents are so excited. What’s nine months when you can give someone a family,” feel and say Indian surrogates.
“Surrogacy is becoming way more common,” but still there is much controversy and misinformation about the issue.
What is surrogacy?
The definition of surrogacy is the act of one woman carrying a child that belongs to someone else.
When the baby is born, the woman carrying the baby will not parent the child; the intended parents who contracted the surrogacy arrangement will be the legal parent of the child.
Surrogacy and surrogates are required by infertile couples in USA,Canada and around the globe, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy ,Australia and Japan.
Unlike the U.S. and India, where surrogacy has been commercialized and surrogate moms can charge for their services to infertile couples, intended parents.
Surrogates often have a tougher time with an IVF pregnancy and while couples turn to surrogacy because they have had miscarriage after miscarriage.
While the issue of surrogacy often raises the question of whether the surrogate will be able to give up the child after the birth, the same is not an issue in India at all.
Whether you are married, unmarried, in a same sex relationship or single, WyzaxSurrogacy Consultants (WSC) can help you secure your family. You can also visit their website – It provides all information and support to infertile couples, intended parents and singles who are interested in becoming parents.
But the situation in developing countries like India,is quite different as the conditions in these nations have been quite favorable making surrogacy easy for foreign couples.If interested in Surrogacy, India would be an ideal destination for its affordability,its richness of experience and diversity in the field of infertility treatment. Not to mention that India, unlike some developing countries, has a fairly advanced medical system and doctors who speak English.
The cheaper availability of surrogates in India is attracting a lot of interest. While not just the ease of the rules but also cost that is incurred here is something that is quite tempting not to mention gives the much needed respite for many couples who otherwise cannot afford the costs involved in this process. Hence this is one reason apart from many other reasons why many childless couples are now headed towards these nations to realize their dream of experiencing the most privileged feeling of parenthood. There is increased awareness about surrogacy spreading with media’s active coverage about the hope that it brings to millions of people who want the own the most rewarding experience of their lifetime. While it’s not just couples who want have the gratifying experience even single parents have not only shown their interest in this direction but have made several steps to realize the dream.
Having a child with the help of a surrogate can be an exciting and fulfilling way to create your family. Unlike some alternative methods, the surrogacy process allows your child to be biologically related to either one or (in the case of In Vitro Fertilization) both parents. It also gives you the opportunity to become involved in the pregnancy itself. Your child is conceived because of your desire, hard work, and dedication to becoming parents : the true genesis of your child is his or her creation in your minds and hearts.
One such friendly surrogacy agency in India is WSC ( Wyzax Surrogacy Consultancy). They offer Gestational Surrogacy in India to people of all nationalities. All couples including lesbian and gay couples and even single men and single women can avail this facility to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood.
They realize the journey to create your family with the help of Third Party Reproduction involves a considerable financial and emotional investment on your part. Their goal is to provide you with professional care and guidance to afford you the greatest opportunity to achieve a pregnancy and to ensure that your journey with their surrogacy program is as calm and relaxed as possible.
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