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Surrogate Mother in India: A Sneak Peek

A surrogate mother in India is a woman who carries a fetus to give it to somebody else, more often to a couple with fertility problems. Once the child is born, the couple who have hired the surrogate mother become the parents.

Market Press Release – January 4, 2012; 9:20 am  
A surrogate mother in India is a woman who carries a fetus to give it to somebody else, more often to a couple with fertility problems. Once the child is born, the couple who have hired the surrogate mother become the parents.

There are two types of surrogacy, namely the Traditional surrogacy and Modern surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy is where artificial insemination plays a vital role. It is actually used to impregnate the surrogate mother. This occurs in situations such as when a woman is not capable to give birth to a child due to some physical problems, but still wants to have a child with her husband. The husband’s sperm is collected and used to make the surrogate mother pregnant with it. If the husband also has some infertility issues, the sperm is collected from a third person and used. This surrogacy type has been in the trend from very olden times, but still was not discussed till the 21st century.

In the Modern surrogacy, both the male and female donate their eggs and sperm which is then fertilized in a test tube and set into the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother only carries the child on behalf of the other woman who has bad health conditions. This surrogacy has been commercialized nowadays in India. The surrogate mother in India does this to earn quick money for her family’s wellbeing.

Surrogacy has become a boost to the medical tourism department in India where by foreigners come here to have babies at very low and economical costs. It is said that American couples who have fertility issues and lack of time to give birth to a child on their own, are willing to come to India to have babies through the surrogate mother in India, since they do this job at a very low price when compared to a surrogate mother in their own country.

Certain factors that are to be handled carefully are as follows: 

No one knows about the Indian surrogate mother fully, i.e. whether she is used to drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption. There is some agency which intermediates
between the surrogate mother in India and the couple who wants a child. The Indian Council of Medical Research says that commercial surrogacy in India will grow to 6 billion U.S. dollar per year in the future. Surrogacy in not considered to be an offense in India. However, there are various lacunas in the legal framework. But still, despite all these legal problems, surrogacy is growing day by day and surrogate mothers are wishing to give birth to a child that is going to be brought up by someone else.
Agencies like Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants are playing a major role in optimizing & organizing the surrogacy sector in India. They are creating a strong lobby to convert the ART recommendations into laws & thereby making the entire Medical Tourism industry transparent. Such laws will greatly contribute towards preventing exploitation & ensuring justice to all parties concerned.

There are more number of clinics emerging in Delhi, Mumbai and at most parts of the country to help a couple get a surrogate mother in India and a child through her.

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