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Surrogacy for Gay Couples - Happy times for gay travellers

Happy times for gay travellers
Roma Arora, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, September 15, 2011

Gay travellers never had it so good. As more and more people in the country are recognising gay rights, travel and tour operators, too, have lapped up the opportunity to woo the gay community. Believe it or not, in the last few months itself, a number of travel agencies have set shop in the city,
catering entirely to gay travellers.
A popular concept abroad, a gay tour operator deals with travel packages meant exclusively for the LGBT community. Often gay foreigners are worried about the legal environment in India, and they dont feel secure enough. Gay agencies help in making them feel comfortable. We offer customised packages ” be it honeymoon, spiritual, weddings or surrogacy tours, says Abhinav Goel, owner of, a travel agency for the gay.
Jagatjeet Singh, Director- Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants says that gays come to them from across the world as couples aspiring to become parents through surrogacy. Gay couples come specially from Europe, Scandinavian countries & Israel. 
Suraj Laishram, owner of another gay travel agency,  says, Lot of gay foreigners from Europe, Australia and Canada come to explore India. We also, take them to exclusive gay parties in India.
Rajat Singla of Pink Vibgyor, another gay travel agency says, Gay travellers want to explore India, but they dont want to get embarrassed. So, we ensure sure that our guides are gay friendly.
Gay activists say that this new trend is perhaps a ripple effect of what has been happening abroad. For instance,, a gay travel agency based in Bangkok, regularly conducts tours to India. Most of our customers travel to India for the culture, cuisine and history, says Douglas Thompson from
Elaborating on this trend, Aditya Bandyopadhyay, lawyer and a gay activist, says, Its great that  gay travel agencies are coming up. This will actually help boost the countrys tourism. According to guides Rajasthan, Varanasi and Khajurao are hottest gay destinations.

Surrogacy India - Defending the rights of surrogate mothers in India

Defending the rights of surrogate mothers in India
by Jared Yee | 15 Oct 2011 |
tags: India, law, surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy is booming in India. It has, so far, gone unregulated – but an assisted-reproduction technologies (ART) bill is in the works. However, researchers from an NGO, the women’s health group Sama, have expressed concerns about the bill. “The many ethical issues that are emerging out of unrestrained spread of the technologies remain,” they write. The legislation aims to protect the rights of surrogate mothers, but Sama argues that it favours the rights of the commissioning couple over theirs.
The law would stipulate that only women between the ages of 21 and 35 can be surrogates. It sets a maximum number of 5 live births – an increase from 3 in the previous draft. Sama notes, however, that it does not address the number of ART cycles a woman can undergo, an important issue for women’s health.
“Most clinics provide protection to the woman in many ways, looking after her health, nutrition, daily needs, and some will even offer to take care of her family,” said Dr Ruma Satwik of the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. “We have all kinds of legal documents to protect the commissioning couple,” Dr Satwik said. “The surrogate mother stands to lose in the absence of concrete laws to protect her, and the provisions of the ART Bill are probably not enough.” ~
According to the spokesman of Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants(WSC), a premier Surrogacy agency of India, “We take utmost care that the rights of surrogates are not compromised. We follow a stringent system of surrogate profiling & selection. We look into the facts like age, family condition, nutrition, insurance & care in times of emergency, etc. Moreover, we only work with institutions of high repute & credibility, like Gangaram Hospital, Fortis, etc.”

Australian Gay Couple Has Two Sets of Twins Via Surrogates

Australian Gay Couple Has Two Sets of Twins Via Surrogates
Australia's Herald Sun reveals what happens when you mix two gay men, two surrogates, and a feritility doctor:
The couple, known only as Tony and Brett, revealed their unconventional family to the nation last night after bringing the babies home from India. The couple told the Nine Network they started the surrogacy process in 2009, flying to Delhi to meet a fertility doctor. After a number of failed attempts, doctors recommended two women be implanted with four eggs from donors and fertilised with the men's sperm, they told A Current Affair.
The paper adds: "They paid $130,000 to realise their dream of having a family, with each surrogate paid $6000-$7000. The men said they would be the best parents they could be and were not fazed by judgments from others."
According to Mr. Vivek Kohli, Director- Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants(WSC), there are many gay couples who works simultaneously with 2 surrogates. Although more often than not, they are not so lucky as the above couple, but this no doubt , increases the chances of having successful positives through surrogates. Further, this reduces the time, thereby making the process fast, as the couple does not have to wait for the second cycle.


Surrogacy in India - It's an endless wait for legal sanction to surrogacy

It's an endless wait for legal sanction to surrogacy
Published: Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011, 8:00 IST
Somita Pal | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
While Bollywood actor Aamir Khan may be candid about having taken the IVF and surrogate motherhood route following medical complications of his scriptwriter-cum-director wife Kiran Rao, there is no law in place for the general public wishing to do the same.
Even as they wait for the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill, 2008, to become a law, doctors say there is great business potential for legalised surrogacy in the country.
“We have been asking the government to pass the bill, which provisions protection of rights of surrogates (like payments in instalments to ensure she is paid even in miscarriage) as well as couples (to ensure surrogate doesn’t refuse to hand over baby etc),” said Dr Aniruddha Malpani, infertility specialist.
If the law comes into force, India would become the first country to have a legal sanction on ‘paid’ surrogacy. For now, “commercial surrogacy is allowed in India under the Indian Council For Medical Research formulated ART guidelines of 2005”, said Dr Gautam Allahbadia, an IVF expert.
Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants (WSC), leading IVF & Surrogacy consultancy agency in India strongly believe that streamlining the legal aspects related to surrogacy will further the claim of India being the surrogacy capital of the modern world. In fact WSC states that after the IT revolution, Surrogacy industry can be the next big thing to hit the Indian economy. WSC strongly believes that in the future, only those centres will be seeked, which along with high medical expertise, provide a strong legal framework & work within the legal & moral guidelines.
Considering that India is emerging as a hot destination for surrogacy-related fertility tourism, the assisted reproductive technology (ART) industry in India is worth more than Rs 25,000 crore. According to infertility expert Dr Duru Shah, “India offers the best treatment and expertise which is driving in more people from abroad for surrogacy. “
As compared to early 2000s, when barely a few centres practised surrogacy, ART and infertility management in the country has grown leaps and bound. However, doctors still find people unwillingly to talk about it openly. With Aamir jumping on to the bandwagon, this is set to change.
Stating that a majority still blames the woman for not being able to conceive, Dr Rishma Pai, IVF specialist said, “If a woman does not have an uterus or a medical condition that does not allow her to conceive or cannot hold through the pregnancy, surrogacy becomes the ‘most natural and the safest’ option. Given that the iconic Khan, who comes across as an intelligent and thinking man, has supported it will surely go a long way in giving surrogacy its due.”
Dr Nandita Palshetkar, IVF specialist at Lilavati hospital said, “Aamir Khan coming out openly about IVF surrogacy will definitely help remove the taboo linked with IVF and surrogacy and spread awareness on options of having baby for couples with complicated medical history. There are so many people who are still hesitant to go for IVF or surrogacy.”

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Benefits of surrogacy in India - Wyzax Surrogacy Agencies India

Benefits of surrogacy in India
By Babita Singh 

Engaging a surrogate mother for a conceiving your child appears to be the last option to actually become a parent. It also solves the purpose of men who are either single or gay, and without their involvement into a relationship, and yet wish to enjoy the joys of fatherhood; surrogacy ensures them their children who are actually your offspring. Surrogate children are conceived through gestational methods or, may just be partially identified with parents in cases of gestational method combined with an egg donor. What makes this process worthy is that you do not get bogged down by issues related to infertility and medical conditions which are preventing you from realizing your dreams. Just make the decision and take the plunge weighing all the options available to you. While you are planning the best for your child, consider India as the best option to search for a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in India: A look into the Scenario :Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants(WSC) are the first and the only Agency that provides complete surrogacy solutions under 1 roof.WSC caters to all aspects of surrogacy, namely- selection & tests of surrogates,  IVF, delivery, legalities & complete monitoring of the surrogates throughout the ante-natal period.WSC claims that the cost of surrogacy is not only cheaper than US but also almost quarter of the cost payable in the same. Medical tourism has strengthened links of medical fraternity which lays down stringent, meticulous criteria for surrogacy. In India surrogates are between the ages of 21-35 years. Thus, the chances of conceiving are higher for young women. Also these women are not only married but have other previous healthy deliveries which again ascertain the chances of successful conceiving. Most hospitals will also maintain detailed history of family, blood transfusion, any addiction, record of miscarriages, post natal problems, medical and surgical issues of the surrogate mother. Moreover, a surrogate mother will be screened for STDs like HIV, Hepatitis B, VDRL and Hepatitis C. Other tests for pelvic holding capacity are also undertaken. All these facilities in Indian clinics ensure the best standards and therefore, make surrogacy in India highly popular.

The success rate of Surrogacy in India is 45% when a fresh embryo is used and 25% in case of frozen ones. The second advantage is the price is which is reasonable. The total treatment will not cost you in between $6000 – $7000 which is quite cheap considering the rates of UK and USA. The parents also enjoy the benefits like date of birth certificates with their names as parents, which is taken care by the hospitals.

Summing Up

The Indian Government has also legalized Gestational surrogacy and not the traditional one. The difference being that in the traditional type the child born is a genetically make of the male partner and the surrogate mother whereas in gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother has no right on the child and the child is not linked to her in any genetic way. Hence, the child is actually the genetically identical to the couple hiring the surrogate mother, and has their DNA. This surrogacy doesn’t cause complications of parentage and is generally advised to couples.

Want to find out more about Surrogacy India, then visit our website site on how to choose the best surrogate mother India for all your Infertility needs.