Friday, 13 January 2012

Australian Gay Couple Has Two Sets of Twins Via Surrogates

Australian Gay Couple Has Two Sets of Twins Via Surrogates
Australia's Herald Sun reveals what happens when you mix two gay men, two surrogates, and a feritility doctor:
The couple, known only as Tony and Brett, revealed their unconventional family to the nation last night after bringing the babies home from India. The couple told the Nine Network they started the surrogacy process in 2009, flying to Delhi to meet a fertility doctor. After a number of failed attempts, doctors recommended two women be implanted with four eggs from donors and fertilised with the men's sperm, they told A Current Affair.
The paper adds: "They paid $130,000 to realise their dream of having a family, with each surrogate paid $6000-$7000. The men said they would be the best parents they could be and were not fazed by judgments from others."
According to Mr. Vivek Kohli, Director- Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants(WSC), there are many gay couples who works simultaneously with 2 surrogates. Although more often than not, they are not so lucky as the above couple, but this no doubt , increases the chances of having successful positives through surrogates. Further, this reduces the time, thereby making the process fast, as the couple does not have to wait for the second cycle.


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