Thursday, 24 January 2013

Towards Motherhood without Maternity Leave

Jordan, 21st November, 2012

Real life story of Kate and Jhonny, an Israeli working couple, resembles with many other office goers and is turning on a wave of inspiration for other couples. This couple gained parenthood with the arrival of their baby on 10-11-12 i.e. 10th of November 2012, but that is not the newsmaker here. Moreover, the news here is that the lady became mother of a healthy baby without going on maternity leave. Thanks to the couple’s decision to take up surrogacy, none had to take a day off till the anticipated date of baby’s birth neared. This has left an example for many career oriented yet parenthood aspiring men and women of Israel, particularly those employed in a job and have refrained from paternity at the risk of career advancement.

Not long after their marriage, the Kate and Johnny had to stay aloof as hubby had to relocate to Damascus on a short notice. For want of a promising opening at Damascus and company’s transfer policy, Kate was restrained to remain in Jordan. Demanding business needs at both ends were a clear indication that things are not going to change soon and therefore, planning for a family extension was out of question for another three years or so. Not depressed over the situation, the couple decided to work their way out. It took them some weeks of research before unanimously agreeing that surrogacy is best and only way if they want a baby soon.

“Our job responsibilities did not permit us to spend enough time of togetherness. Therefore, waiting for a right time to plan baby would only mean more challenges later, when the child would grow and go for higher studies. If there was an appropriate time to have a baby, it was now. Our research took us to WSC-Israel where cheerful and cooperative team of doctors sketched our ‘blueprint to successful parenthood”, says Kate. Though Johnny was cynical earlier about the success rate of surrogacy, he elevated confidence after looking to the facts and figures that told an altogether different story. He adds, “We were fine with having a baby but not at the cost of hampering career growth. And surrogacy was the only option visible. Then again the challenge was to find a right individual from India, but with involvement of WSC-Israel, everything became simpler and quicker than we thought.”

It is evident to recall here that surrogacy is already a preferred choice for barren parents all over the world. The process involves using other woman’s womb to conceive a baby, particularly when a married couple is incapable to conceive through usual process. Many couples deprived of parenthood have been aptly choosing surrogacy to bring home their bundle of joy. All the popularity that surrogacy has gained in recent years is the result of a straightforward procedure. However, a fair amount of endorsement here is for the agencies which are professionally involved throughout the entire course of action. Right from choosing a healthy leady as surrogate mother to the complexity of IVF to handing the baby to its legal parents, agencies like WSC bring surrogacy services for parenthood intending couples under one roof.

Overjoyed to have their baby on the date they chose, Kate and Johnny believe this is an auspicious occasion in their family. Though everything they ‘planned’ went on smoothly and was at the mercy of surrogacy experts, they are unhesitant to call it a blessing, as one of the best gifts from almighty. “As a matter of fact, we did not have to worry about the local laws here which are not much surrogacy friendly. Rather with involvement of WSC-Israel, we could concentrate on gathering documents and obtaining approvals beforehand, which are mandatory for the baby’s delivery in India and acquiring its Israeli citizenship”, the couple adds.

As soon as the success story of the Israeli couple made news, many young couples are optimistically looking at surrogacy as their parenthood option. Morkel and Oprah, another intending Israeli couple stuck into a similar enigma, has already kick started their way to acquire a baby through surrogacy.

With many new couples boarding the surrogacy train, do we have a reason to believe that no parents have to lead a ‘barren’ life hereafter?